Behaviour Change... Cambio de comportamientos

Behaviour Change

Within each field, governments and development agencies tackle problems with a variety of strategies. Governments can use all kinds of powerful interventions such as international politics or targeted taxation. At the grassroots level, a powerful tool is 'Behaviour Change'.

On this website we concentrate on Behaviour Change rather than rather than linking it to Knowledge/Information and Attitude Change.

The health field has talked about:

  • KAP – Knowledge, Attitude, Practice
  • IEC – Information, Education and Communication
  • BCC – Behaviour Change Communication

And of course, for an individual or community to achieve behaviour change they will need to acquire better information and different attitudes.

But in the end it is only if behaviour change takes place that a process has any success. Think of HIV/AIDS: what knowledge and attitudes are necessary for an individual to remain sexually safe? But will the individual stay safe if he knows the risks, hates the risks… and still acts risky?

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