What you should know about Colombia before coming?

About columbia

Known for their hospitality, Colombians are also distinguished by a core value: a passion for everything they do, the desire to do well, with resources and ingenuity. They are kind, cheerful and optimistic, characteristics that make foreigners fall in love not only the country’s natural beauty but also of its inhabitants.

Colombia is a multi-ethnic country and thus its cultural wealth derived from the Spanish heritage, indigenous and black. Although the majority (58%) of the population is Mestizo, that is mixed white and Indian ethnic groups

made up of many indigenous and Afro-American communities constitute 26% of Colombian nationality, and for continuing to cling to their ancient customs, continue to enrich the Colombian culture.

The indigenous population is nearly one million people, with 84 people who speak about 75 languages in 567 shelters. As for the African American population that lives mainly on the coasts and in the department of Chocó, this amounts to 10.5 million.

According to the latest population census, with about 45,000 million people, Colombia is the third most populous country in the region. From the decade of the eighties, the country has undergone rapid urbanization and today 70% of the population lives in urban areas. Bogotá has been estimated that more than 8 million inhabitants.

Another very characteristic feature of the Colombians is the proper use of Spanish, considered one of the best of the Hispanic countries.

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