State Alumni: Your Global Community - TEAcher from Colombia thanks USA

After 7 spectacular weeks in the USA enjoying TEA program (teaching enhacement achievement), I am back home in Pereira, my hometown. Now, I can look back, and think about that time there, and also, look forward, and think about what TEA program can help me to achieve here.

Looking back, I think about 3 specific things. First, people. It was the best to meet people for so many different Countries with so many different cultures. Even though, we could become good friends. People from America, Europe, Asia and Africa. All together learning and teaching each other.I personally, will always have in my heart to all teachers who spent that time at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Also, people from USA. They inspired us to keep working hard with our students.They hosted us with love, peace and happiness. People like that will always be in my heart with a feeling of gratitude and love.Second, culture. What an experience is to share our own culture with different ones, and be able to compare similarities and differences. But, most important, to be able to perceive a world open and near no matter how different cultures. I am personally, grateful to have shared room with my friend M. D. Mutahar from Bangladesh. Being from different cultures, we became good friends, enjoyed our time together and keep communicating through e  mail. Sharing room with him was the best cultural learning I ever have had. Third, communication. From the first minute to the last one English was the language I heard and  spoke, and read and wrote.Accents from everywhere. We all had fun and learned a lot from each other accent. New vocabulary, better pronunciation and grammar of the English language. Gifts for us, teachers.Also the learning of webquests, rubrics, service learning, new technologies, lesson planning, leadership, the 2 weeks intership  at US schools plus visits to other schools in Nebraska has increased our perception of education in the USA and other Countries, including Colombia.
Looking forward, I think at a personal, professional and social level. First, at a personal level, I have changed how I perceive the world around. It now seems easier to understand. I mean, as Colombian, I feel confident in an international context. Before going to USA, I thought I would face an agressive environment against me, but it was totally the opposite.We, Sandra, Biviana and me, were happy to represent our Country, and people from everywhere could see through us how beautiful is Colombia.Second, at a professional level, It is great to be a US State Department alumni, and keep the contact with IREX and the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, as well with so many teachers from USA and participating countries.We are, at my school Aquilino Bedoya in Pereira, applying to host a US teacher and to receive a small grant from IREX in a project we call it EFL CENTER at AQUILINO BEDOYA SCHOOL.Finally, at a social level, it is now great to be invited and participate in conversations with teachers, staff , students and parents about new ideas, experiences, projects and contacts that can help us to enhance our society through educational, cultural and social issues.

Guillermo LópezOssa
EFL teacher in Colombia

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