Now certain personalities dare to conclude that presidential candidate Antanas Mockus has not a real political experience. The big question: What is political experience in Colombia? That of the traditional political leaders of our history? The experience of those big families that have commanded our nation for decades without any gain for the poor, the minorities, the workers, the simple citizen? Those of the vain promises?

Photo of the Official Campaign of Mockus

Semana’s journalist María Jimena Duzán puts it well in her article Mockus El Imbecil:

De repente valores como la honestidad, la transparencia, la lealtad, el apego a la legalidad, se convierten en tema de la campaña y vuelven a la agenda.

Suddenly, values like honesty, transparency, loyalty, attachment to legal, become a matter of the campaign and return to the agenda

Our country needs a real change. It must be a change in mentality, in that traditional way to follow politics, to resolve our problems, to analyze the social reality. We cannot continue with the same elements and discussions, while too many situations are exasperating the most vulnerable parts of our society. The development of our nation will not be possible if our people continue in poverty and violence. Colombia, one of the most beautiful countries of the Americas, has the right to overcome its dramas. But it is only possible when all its peoples can enjoy the same opportunities.

The Mockus’ campaign is a very special one. For the first time in long years, we are witnessing a candidate that is not supported by a strong political machinery. We are in front to a man of clean hands. In front to a professor with all his authority to conduct his lecture. In front to a man who changed the life of the second largest South American capital to inaugurate an era of good administrations that are a global model. We are in front to a simple man who is able to meet with the simple, the farmer, the different, the migrant…

In a certain way, Mockus is a kind of Barack Obama with all his meaning for our history. However, if Mockus becomes president of the Colombians, he must be supported by all Colombians, because his government must be a process of unity under the strict rule of legal.

Carlos Gaviria prevented us of the danger of the construction of a myth of Mockus. He added also that such myth could be comparable with the one of Uribe. We should thanks Gaviria for his invitation to a genuine and intelligent election. However, I cannot be agree with his theory of myth.

Every political candidate around the world can become a myth and, most of them, are myths. Numbers in popularity are important for every political leader. A political leader without followers is a horn alone in a big camp. We can see what is happening with President Alán García in Perú, the less popular American president. The popularity of Uribe gave him the enough power to stay in power for two periods.

A myth is a vain image. Something unreal. Something coming from the imagination of many. An idealization of reality. Can we say the same of the Mockus political proposal? Is legal, democracy, honesty, participation, myths for the Colombian society?