Aren't they coming with us to the party?

A: No, they're not coming.
B: No, they are going with she.
C: No, they are coming in the party later.
D: Yes, they is coming with us.
E: Yes, there coming.

2. Which are the SAME?

A. throw away 1. escape
B. pass away 2. store
C. put away 3. retreat
D. run away 4. die
E. back away 5. dispose of

(Start with A. For example, type a3b2c4d1e5 in the box.)

3. Fill in the blank:
The glass ______ water is on the table.

A: to
B: of
C: with
D: a
E: inside

4. Fill in the blank:
The milk is ______ the refrigerator.

A: to
B: of
C: at
D: in
E: from

5. CHANGE the word TO PLURAL:

6. Fill in the blank:
Karl met Anna ______ he was in college.

A: through
B: when
C: during
D: until
E: by

7. Fill in the blank:
______ the football game last night?
No, last night we went out to dinner.

A: Watched you
B: Watchen
C: You watched
D: You did watch
E: Did you watch

8. Fill in the blank:
They ______ the pyramids when they went to Egypt.

A: didn't see
B: seed
C: did not saw
D: not see
E: not seen

9. Fill in the blank:
I'm sorry we are so late; our car ______ down on the highway.

A: breaking
B: broke
C: broken
D: break
E: breaks

10. Fill in the blank:
Don't look ______ the sun because it can hurt your eyes.

A: forward
B: for
C: to
D: up
E: at

11. Fill in the blank:
We drove ______ the river for ten kilometers but we didn't see any bridge.

A: among
B: in front of
C: at
D: along
E: through

12. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE:
What did Ms. Shen do?

A: She told he about what you said.
B: She'd not do anything at all.
C: She didn't know to do what.
D: She gone straight to the boss.
E: She wrote a letter to her best customer.

13. Which is NOT CORRECT?

A: I put the coffee for you.
B: Go for it man!
C: No doggy, this ice cream is not for you.
D: What do you take me for? An idiot?
E: Miguel wants Monica to sit for a portrait.

14. Change the (verb) to the past tense:
Larry (works) at the post office.

15. CHANGE the question TO A STATEMENT:
Did she call her father?

16. Which are the SAME?

A. pull a fast one 1. hold back criticism
B. pull your punches 2. use influence
C. pull yourself together 3. deceive
D. pull through 4. regain composure
E. pull strings 5. get better

(Start with A. For example, type a3b2c4d1e5 in the box.)

17. Which are the SAME?

A. go in for 1. attend
B. put in 2. substitute
C. stand in 3. contribute
D. check in 4. enjoy doing
E. sit in 5. register

(Start with A. For example, type a3b2c4d1e5 in the box.)

18. Which are the SAME?

A. go off 1. putrify/rot
B. take off 2. photocopy
C. put off 3. ignite
D. set off 4. undress
E. run off 5. postpone

(Start with A. For example, type a3b2c4d1e5 in the box.)

19. How do you say this USING WORDS?

A: eight over thirty second
B: eight divided by thirty seconds
C: one forth
D: eight thirty seconds
E: eight thirty second

20. How do you write this USING NUMBERS?
She bought a couple of pens for the office.

A: She bought 20 pens for the office.
B: She bought 2 pens for the office.
C: She bought 12 pens for the office.
D: She bought 100 pens for the office.
E: She bought 3 pens for the office.

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