Rich Internet Applications from the Center for Language Education And Research (CLEAR) at Michigan State University

About the RIA Initiative

What is RIA?

View sample RIA materials. See what the programs are, and what you can do with them. GO

Record Audio with your Computer:

These programs make heavy use of audio recording. You can check to see if your computer is configured properly by recording yourself here.

More information is available here.


CLEAR on Facebook

CLEAR is now on Facebook. Visit us and join the group!

Mashup Improvements

Thanks to suggestions from summer workshop participants, several improvements and enhancements to Mashups are now in place, including:

  • Setting the background color of a mashup
  • Organizing mashups into folders
  • Cleaning up the editing interface
  • Guidelines on the position page make it easier to plan for browser window size
Keep the suggestions coming! We want to make the program as useful as possible for you.

Mashups 2.0

Version 2 of Mashups implements many improvements that were suggested by users, including supporting multiple audios, videos, pictures, and text clips. A new version of SMILE is also included in Mashups 2.0. Log in to your Mashups and migrate today! November 26, 2008

Folders in SMILE

You can now organize your SMILE items into folders. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your items. Of course, none of your data has been affected by this change.

Upload photos, add to Mashup

"My Pictures" allows you to upload pictures and embed them in a Mashup. When you're editing a Mashup, next to the Picture Embed Code box, click the "my pictures" link. From here you can view your uploaded pictures, upload new pictures, and get the URL for pictures to add to your Mashup.

Embed Conversations in your own web page

Conversations can now be embedded in external web pages, so you can put a conversation in your wiki, blog, or home page. Get the HTML code from the edit screen of your conversation (click the pencil icon)

Podcasting application is ready for testing

Try "Broadcasts," the latest RIA. This program creates podcasts for you. All you have to do is create a channel, record episodes, and click the "publish" button.

There may be bugs in the program. Let us know if you encounter any problems

Server name change!

May 31, 2008
The server name and IP address has changed for the RIA media server. Most users will not be affected. This matters to you ONLY if you (1) embed an Audio Dropbox using the HTML code, or (2) have opened a firewall or proxy server for CLEAR's RIA server.

The domain name of CLEAR's RIA server is fms.clear.msu.edu.

Worksheets is ready for testing

Read the documentation for more information on using the program

The RIA (Rich Internet Applications) Project provides a wide range of web-based materials that assist in language learning. Materials include an audio recorder, video recorder, podcasting program, worksheet generator, and interactive exercises.

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