MODALS mini-test 6

1. Fill in the blank:
Do you think the fruit will ______ until next weekend?

A: to last
B: keep
C: spoil
D: keeping
E: conserve

2. Fill in the blank:
If you drink a lot of beer, ______.

A: the beer companies would have been happy
B: you drink a lot
C: you would get fat
D: you must to be English
E: you become yourself drunk

3. Fill in the blank:
If Karl is interested in becoming a pilot, he ______ talk to Mr. Malinowski who was in the air force.

A: is able to
B: will
C: shall
D: would
E: might

4. Fill in the blank:
If Ms. Suwan knew she was going to be late, she ______ called me.

A: might have
B: will
C: could
D: should
E: couldve

5. Which is CORRECT?

A: Tomorrow we may to be going to the beach.
B: If Anna gets to the school before eight, she won't able to get in because they open at eight.
C: In China you may have to have an international driver's license.
D: I can't believe it; Sumiko would never has done such a thing!
E: No, don't call them. At this time they would be sleeping.

Shall we go?

A: Yes, it's late. The others will must come by themselves.
B: Yes, it's nine o'clock; the post office should be open by now.
C: Not still-- it's too early.
D: Let wait another half hour.
E: If we leave now, we should to get back by nine.

7. Fill in the blank:
He really ______ quit smoking if he wants to live long.

A: got to
B: ought
C: to need
D: may
E: should

8. Fill in the blank:
They really ______ change the oil in this truck; it's black as pitch.

A: can
B: would
C: ought to
D: shouldn't
E: have better

9. Fill in the blank:
You ______ not shout, you ______ not cry, you ______ not pout; I'm tellin' you why: Santa Claus is comin' to town.

A: should have
B: could
C: would
D: better
E: have

10. Fill in the blank:
If you're worried about your health, you _____ try getting some more rest.

A: will
B: have
C: should have
D: would
E: might

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