INFERENCES mini-test 1

Okay, I promise.

A: Will you pass me the salt please?
B: You will be tired after working all day.
C: You will be home by midnight and no later. Do you understand?
D: Can you speak Spanish?
E: Do you wash the dishes for me tonight?

2. Which is NOT CORRECT?

A: You've got to buy your tickets before you go into the theater.
B: You've got to be joking!
C: Mario usually must drink coffee in the morning.
D: You must be crazy!
E: You have to swear loyalty to the country when you become the president.

3. Which is NOT CORRECT?

A: Your son lives in a large American city on a lake? Ah! that will be Chicago.
B: If you you like spicy food, you will try a Mexican restaurant.
C: My daughter is two years old, and whatever you ask she will always answer "no".
D: My old car will barely go eighty kilometers per hour.
E: You just sit right there. I'll answer the phone.

4. Fill in the blank:
After working all day, you ______ been tired.

A: had
B: must have
C: have
D: had to
E: must

5. Fill in the blank:
It ______ rained because the roads are wet.

A: could
B: should have
C: must
D: should
E: must have

6. Fill in the blank:
Pablo is late; he ______ overslept.

A: should have
B: will
C: would
D: must have
E: must

7. Fill in the blank:
If you drink a lot of beer, ______.

A: the beer companies would have been happy
B: you drink a lot
C: you would get fat
D: you must to be English
E: you become yourself drunk

8. Which is NOT CORRECT?

A: Might we take a look at your new kitchen?
B: If you want, you must sleep in the guest room.
C: You will stay in your room until I call you.
D: A movie star with big muscles and an Austrian name? That would be Arnold Schwarzenegger.
E: Don't get up, I can get the sugar.

9. Which is CORRECT?

A: Tomorrow we may to be going to the beach.
B: If Anna gets to the school before eight, she won't able to get in because they open at eight.
C: In China you may have to have an international driver's license.
D: I can't believe it; Sumiko would never has done such a thing!
E: No, don't call them. At this time they would be sleeping.

10. Fill in the blank:
They went to the movies so they ______ be back by ten thirty.

A: must
B: have
C: should
D: ought
E: might to

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