ADVERB USE mini-test 7

1. Which word form is NOT CORRECT?

A: regulater
B: regulate
C: regular
D: regularly
E: regulation

2. Which word form is NOT CORRECT?

A: easen
B: easily
C: ease
D: easing
E: easy

3. Which word form is NOT CORRECT?

A: knowingly
B: know
C: knowed
D: knowing
E: knowledge

4. Fill in the blank:
Hurry up; I need those documents ______ away.

A: right
B: just
C: already
D: really
E: too

5. Fill in the blank:
No, I don't speak to Christiana anymore; she's a ______ idiot!

A: really
B: very
C: herself
D: just
E: complete

6. Fill in the blank:
Guess who I saw at the restaurant-- Arnold Schwarzenegger ______!

A: himself
B: even
C: too
D: really
E: the same

7. Fill in the blank:
Don't call Somying because I ______ called her.

A: just
B: right
C: very
D: ever
E: yet

8. Fill in the blank:
You're not trying very hard.
I am ______! I'm doing my very best.

A: very
B: yet
C: right
D: not
E: too

9. Fill in the blank:
No, we can't have the dinner party at Anna's house; it's a ______ mess.

A: very
B: right
C: total
D: really
E: too

10. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE:
Hello, how are you?

A: Oh man, I's beat!
B: I'm fine, thanks.
C: I am doing finely.
D: Very well, and how you are?
E: I'm doing great, thanks. Are you?

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