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Twitter applications allow twitter to be taken to a whole new level, with mobile tweeting and desktop clients pushing twitter out into the world. These applications will help you make your twitter adventures more personal and tailored to delivering your tweets the way you like it. 

Totally addicted to twitter apps? See our twitter resources page - it lists some very cool twitter utilities, groups & communities, tracking twitter users, following & tracking certain keywords and tracking tweets around the world.

Update Twitter with other Social Networking Site

  • Ping.fm - Update twitter along with other sites like Multiply, Pownce, Plurk, tumblr and others.
  • Hello.txt - Same as ping.fm but with added services
  • Moodblast - A client which you can download. It does pretty much the same as ping.fm
  • Tweet Later - Schedule tweets, auto-follow and auto-welcome people
  • Twittertise - Schedule your tweets. Very useful when you are advertising.
  • Tweet Ahead - Schedule your tweets on Mac
  • Twit Response - Imagine Twitter + Autoresponder. Send tweets automatically.

Handle Multiple Twitter Accounts

  • Easy Tweets - Multiple account handling, scheduled tweets, overcoming errors, shorten URLs, add RSS
  • The Mattinator - Multiple accounts on Twitter
  • Split Tweet - Easy management for multiple Twitter accounts and brand monitor.
  • Hoot Suite - Manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success.

Integrate your Twitter with Files, Images and Videos 

  • Twitpic - Let you share photos on Twitter
  • Autopostr - Update your Twitter when you post a Flickr picture
  • Snaptweet - Share your Flickr photos on Twitter
  • Twixr - Allows you to share pictures on Twitter via your mobile phone
  • Visual Twitter - Answers “what are you doing?” with pictures.
  • Twitter Poster - A huge conglomeration of Twitter user images.
  • Twiddeo - Think Twitter updates + video
  • Twitplus - Make tweets with pictures, videos and files
  • Twittershare - Share pictures, music, video and other files on Twitter.
  • Twixxer - Share photos and videos on Twitter
  • Tweet Cube - Upload files to Twitter
  • Pikter - Post pictures on Twitter
  • TinyTwit - Lets you share files on Twitter, also URL shortening service and tweet app.

Tweet and Email 

  • Twittermail - Update twitter via email
  • Twitter Reply - Receive your replies on your email
  • OuTwit - Update Twitter with your Microsoft Outlook
  • Vtwitter - Vtwitter allows Zimbra users to send messages (or sometimes called tweets) to their Twitter account directly from their Zimbra email.
  • mail2twitter - mail2twitter is a free service that allows you to post tweets through e-mail

Software and Widgets desktop clients

  • Twitterific - A downloadable application which have multiple account support, auto refreshing mechanism, audio notification of new tweets and integration with AppleScript. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Mad Twitter -Twitterific for Windows
  • Tweet-r - An Air Application that differentiates itself from other downloadable twitter applications through its flawless drag-and-drop file uploading system.
  • Twidget - a downloadable application with all the features of twitter except that it auto refreshes.
  • Twhirl - popular software that can handle multiple accounts, URL shortening, crossposting to Pownce and Jaiku, Post images on Twitpic, and search tweets using twitter search and tweetscan.
  • Tweetdeck - Adobe AIR application that lets you view your replies and public tweets as well as group tweets at the same time
  • Twinja - another twitter client built on AIR
  • Snitter - another twitter client built on AIR
  • Pwytter - A standalone Twitter client
  • Teletwitter - Twitter client for Windows
  • Twitterlicious - Twitter for Windows that supports proxies, have a read-unread system and auto-refresh mechanism.
  • Twitter CLI - Tweet via a command line
  • BLT - Another tool to update Twitter on a command line
  • Twitteroo - Let you send tweets on your PC with URL shortening and sound notifications for tweets
  • Chirrup - A Japanese software which showcases your followers and accounts in other social networks
  • Twadget - Twitter tool for Windows Vista
  • Twitgit - Twitter widget for Mac users
  • Vim Twitter Client - A simple client by Vim
  • ZenTwitter - Update Twitter without opening a window
  • Twitux - Another simple Twitter client
  • Deskbar Twitter - Update Twitter on Ubuntu
  • Gtwitter - Update Twitter on Linux
  • Twit.el - update Twitter on Emacs
  • Spaz - open source desktop client for Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Tweeter - client that is Java-based and supports proxies. Inspired by Twitteroo
  • GTwitter - GTwitter is a Linux client for reading and posting to twitter.com web service.
  • Natsulion - Simple Twitter client for Mac
  • Twitterpod - TwitterPod can store logs to database and search Twitter logs quickly like Mail.app
  • Twitterpost - TwitterPost allows you to easily post to and read from your Twitter feed - plus a whole lot more
  • Twittereeze - SIMBL extension to add functionality to Twitterrific

Twitter with your Browser 

  • Twit Kit - Integrate Twitter with your Firefox browser. This plugin can work on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Twitterfox - Find out the statuses of your friends on Twitter right on your Firefox browser
  • Shareaholic - Share webpages with your friends on Twitter. Can be integrated with your Firefox Browser
  • Twitbin - Receive and send tweets at the side of your Firefox browser
  • Firefox Search Plugin - Find out how you can post to Twitter right from your Firefox search bar
  • Twitterbar - Post to Twitter via the address bar
  • Tweetbar - A twitter sidebar for Firefox and Flock
  • Twippera - Twitter widget for Opera
  • Power Twitter - Twitter plugin for Firefox that have photo and video sharing capabilities.
  • Yoono - Firefox add-on that add different social networks to your browser
  • Twitzer - Firefox plugin that let you post more than 140 characters.
  • Twitterlights - Firefox addon that lets you Tweet any page you see.
  • Twitterbook - Post to twitter like Bookmarking
  • Twitterline - Displays your friend’s public timeline on your toolbar
  • Maxthon - This is a toolbar you can download so you can tweet via your browserTwitter applications

Twitter on your Mobile Phone 

  • Twitterfone - Update Twitter using Voice
  • Twitsay - Record Voice Messages on Twitter
  • Twitter for iphone - Self explanatory
  • Itwtr - Another Twitter client for iphones
  • Pocket Tweets - another twitter client for your iphone
  • Twittai - mobile phone software with retweeting capabilities
  • CCtwit - windows mobile twitter client written in c# leveraging the .net compact framework.
  • Twapper - send updates from your 30boxes calendar to your phone via Twitter.
  • Twittelator - Integrate your iphone with Twitter
  • Twitterberry - Integrate Twitter with your blackberry
  • Vlingo - Another tool to integrate your blackberry with Twitter
  • Email Twitter - Get your Tweets on any email-enabled mobile phone
  • iTweet - Twitter Site for your iphone
  • Qik - A tool that let you share videos via your phone.
  • Jargong - Twitter client for your phone that has Flickr and other social network integration
  • MoTwit - Application for Palm OS
  • Moby Picture - Post to your blog or sites like Twitter on your mobile phone
  • Twixr - allows you to share pictures on Twitter via your mobile phone
  • Locify - Send twitter updates on your mobile phone along with GPS location
  • Fring - Post to Twitter + other sites using your mobile phone
  • Abiro Jitter Abiro Jitter (Java Twitter) is an easy-to-use and fully-featured Twitter client for mobile phones
  • Jtwitter - Java application which you can install on your phone
  • Twidroid - twitter client for android mobile phones
  • Twitteresce - Twitteresce allows you to access your twitter feed using your mobile phone.
  • Twobile - Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
  • Tiny Twitter - Client for any Java enabled device (that’s a bunch & includes the CrackBerry) and any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone
  • Twitter SpellCheck - Check your spelling while twittering on your mobile phone
  • TwittixTwittix combines a great range of features into a slick and streamlined user interface.

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